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Wayskin Home | Your Personal Skin Therapist

Care for your skin at home with a clinical-quality diagnosis and LED care.


WAYSKIN Home is the skin care device that monitors, 

analyzes and cares for your skin.

Professional skin care is time-consuming and expensive.

WAYSKIN Home is an easy and affordable solution

that brings the personalized care of a clinic to your hands.



UV rays, fine dust and dry air batter your skin every day.

The problem is that it’s nearly impossible 

to recognize these threats and guard against them.

Chances are, you are too busy to visit the dermatologist on a regular basis.

Or maybe you are just not willing to spend thousands of dollars 

for temporary improvements. Infrequent and inconsistent visits lead to ineffective skincare.

It’s difficult to navigate your way through a flood of information and find the right products.

Even when you do, it’s still impossible to monitor and track how your skin is doing.



WAYSKIN Home packs your skincare needs 

into one phone-sized device that fits in your hand.

Whether you’re getting ready for the day’s conditions, 
checking your skin throughout the day,
or getting personalized recommendations and LED care,
WAYSKIN Home puts clinic-quality skincare into your hands.



1. Scan your skin with WAYSKIN Home’s sensor.

2. WAYSKIN app analyzes your skin and the environment

around you to show personalized skin care tips and products.

3. Based on the recommendation,

apply your favorite moisturizer/soothing cream.

4. Choose an LED Care program on WAYSKIN Home and start your skincare routine! 

Massage your skin with the LED pad. 

Start from cheeks and move on to smaller areas like forehead and nose.

For neck and chin, move WAYSKIN Home in an upward motion toward your face for best results.

5.Just 3 minutes is all you need! WAYSKIN Home automatically turns off.

Rescan your skin with WAYSKIN Home to see the difference!



·       Stimulates cells deep beneath your skin to produce collagen and elastin

·       Fights early signs of ageing and relieves eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

·       Restores elasticity and bounce to your skin

·       Eliminates the chances of unexpected breakouts without compromising moisture

·       Kills acne-causing bacteria while keeping your skin hydrated

·       Also improves the absorption of your skin so you can get the most out of your current routine

·       Gives your skin a consistent glow and overall tone-up

·       Corrects UV damage and gently relieves other redness

·       Boosts lymphatic flow leaving you with noticeably brighter, youthful and healthier skin


First discovered by NASA to have positive effects on cell growth, 

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) have been adopted 

by the healthcare and cosmetics industries for therapeutic and aesthetic effects. 

LEDs can emit different wavelengths that penetrate deep into the dermis 

(up to 850mm beneath the surface) and induce natural cellular reactions.

These reactions include, but are not limited to:

·       Build and strength cellular structure

·       Reduce atopic dermatitis

·       Stimulate mitochondria activity

·       Produce collagen and elastin

·       Boost oxygen radicals

·       Reduce cytokines


To make LED Care work even better, WAYSKIN Home also sends out

varying levels of microcurrent through the LED pad. 

Microcurrents stimulate your skin, help absorb moisture better, 

and lifts the muscles within. Combining the benefits of LED and microcurrents, 

WAYSKIN Home delivers professional-grade facial, all from your hands.






Beautiful skin deserves beautiful device.


Skincare you can take anywhere.


Skincare tips and recommendations just for you.


Fast Just 3 minutes is all you need.





In 2015, we launched an Indiegogo campaign for the original WAYSKIN

and nearly 700 of you pledged $127,742!!

This year we’ve taken your feedback and made WAYSKIN even better!






Available modes:

- Humidity Monitor

- Skin Moisture Scanner

- 3 LED Care Programs (Aqua Blue, Lemon Yellow, Rose Red)

 Rose Red: 620~630nm

 Lemon Yellow: 585~595nm

 Aqua Blue: 455~465nm

Time to Full Charge:

- 2 hours

Battery Life:

 - LED Care: 1.5 hours


- Lithium-ion 700mAh

- Charged with USB 2.0 (Type-B) Cable


- (W*D*H) : 1’’ x 7’’ x ’” (45mm X 180mm X 30mm)


- 0.3lb (146g)


- Front (Display): White

- Back (Sensor): Grey & Silver


- Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)

Compatibility iOS / Android:

- Android 4.3 or later

- iPhone 5 and up / iOS 9.0 or later




We at WayWearable are passionate about one thing - bringing awesome skincare to the masses.

Founded in 2014 in Seoul's trendy Gangnam district, WAYSKIN is designed to meet the beauty

and skincare demands of your busy lifestyle. At WayWearable we have been exploring the intersection

between data science and skincare to bring you truly personalized skincare experience in a smart device.

Imagine if you can assess your skin condition and the environment around you to get specific recommendations. 

You would be able to make more informed decisions on product choices and skincare routine. 

What's more - it saves you time and money! We're not there yet, but with your help we'll be one big step closer.

Get your WAYSKIN Home today and join our journey to better skincare at home!

WayWearable’s CEO holds a major in economics from Yonsei University.

Prior to founding WAY Wearable, he was a CEO of another healthcare startup, Design Your Body, for three years.

Our CTO has a background in hardware and software development as well as experience in IT consulting 

and Marketing in Hewlett-Packard. Co-founder Dr. Gana Oh, is a professional dermatologist 

at ‘Choice Dermatological Hospital’ in Gangnam and has helped the team build additional expertise in this area.

Other members of the team include amazing designers with extensive experience

 in the cosmetics industry and have won a prestigious Red Dot Award.



30-day Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy

We're sure you'll love WAYSKIN Home.

So sure, we are offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

If you want to return WAYSKIN Home for any reason,

please contact us at 

We will be happy to help you with the refund.

*Note: Shipping charges, Kickstarter and credit card fees are not refundable.

Let Your Skin Festival Begin!

Your skincare is not just about the skin 

- it affects and reflects your mood, confidence, and well-being. 

With healthier and more glowing skin, you may start the day with a smile, 

try something new, and feel content about your skin throughout the day. 

And you will, because your skin is in good hands with WAYSKIN Home.

*Risks and challenges

There is a chance that unexpected challenges with the device may arise.

We do not expect any challenges from regulators,

 but with a device related to the human body, 

there is always a chance regulators will want to get involved. 

While our team is quite experienced, there could be some challenges along the way.